Make ups and make nots

So recently I decided to become serious with my make up business, I mean I have been sitting down in the lazy seat for too long. So anyways with that in mind I decided to get my certificate and the perfect opportunity came when I saw on Instagram a makeup class session, so off I went. I registered and started my class, but there was this air around the studio that I just didn’t understand, and though I was a student I knew a thing or two about customer relations.

So first day of class, my teacher tells us the students that makeup artists are now the real deal in town and so we should seize the opportunity to treat our clients as we so please! I was dumbfounded! What do you mean I asked her in clarification Ms Bisi (we’ll call her that) says 

“yes! In those days when we used to beg them for jobs, they will make us sleep in kitchens, not bothering about accommodation and when it’s time to do their makeup they will treat you in such animalistic way and at the end of the day pay you peanut, so yes now that they have discovered our usefulness it’s our time to show them pepper!”

While I understood her anger and resolved quest for vengeance on the innocent clients to be, I also knew she was wrong; so I thought to write on how to relate with your clients,so here are the things to watch out for while attending to your clients.

  1. It a basic rule to not come late for a job, never try it, how else can your client trust you with their time and beauty huh?!
  2. Never attend to your clients in a lackadaisical way, as a makeup artist your appearance should speak about your work, neat and clean, best attire to wear is black, who doesn’t look smart in black right?
  3. Please please please don’t attend to your clients with a smelly mouth, to be safe pop a minty sweet in your mouth, don’t forget the perfume for your body (no gagging smell either!)
  4. Most importantly every job is important, so take every job seriously and pleasantly 
  5. Before setting out for any job make sure your tools are set and ready to go. We don’t want a situation where you will go to the clients place only to start alternating things because we forgot something , example? Using hair glue to fix the lashes, I know some people do this, but please it’s a no no, hair bond glue should not take the place of eye lash glue.
  6. Seeing as some of our clients can like to be tricky, gently insist on a deposit before starting your journey.
  7. Do not lean on the client, not the head, shoulder or anything, it is not professional to lean on them.
  8. Now make sure your tools have been cleaned, pencils sharpened brush clean etc
  9. Try and have a cape for your client, it most important to use a cape while working on your client. To prevent stains from touching their outfit.
  10. Keep the conversation friendly and short, please no one wants a talkative for an artist, at least not in the job.

Of course more dos are added based on your artistic discretion as time goes by.  Most importantly , I see makeup artist do this a lot! Do not I beg of you post a picture of your client without their permission. It is rude and unprofessional, yes you did a good one on her and you want to show every one the before and after of the makeup, but have the permission of you client first.

So people as I listened to my makeup teacher advise us on how to deal with our clients because they deserve it, I just focused on what I came to get, my Certificate, and I threw the remaining away.

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