The beauty of dark lips 

Whenever I wear my lips bare I get questions like, do you still smoke, when did you stop smoking, and so on. It’s funny because it’s based on an assumption that I smoke! Lol, so with this in mind I decided to surf the net, and  of course the top research answers were on how to “lighten my lips naturally”. Mind you I have tried these remedies several times and my lips just goes back to its original color!. So I decided instead of fighting it I’ll embrace it.

Now for those of you who has been blessed with natural pink lips, respect! But for us who have been gifted with dark lips, I have decided to talk on the beauty of having dark lips, and how to take care of lips generally.

So ever notice that the ladies with the famous pink lips go for dark lip sticks or glosses? Yah I noticed. Probably because there’s something sexy and mysterious about having dark lips, it’s tempting and alluring. It gives your general makeup a strong finish. So don’t shy away from your lips being dark, it’s sexy!. On a neutral day I just use the foundation left on my brush to blend with my lips then I apply my lipgloss. You could also use a dark (not black please) lip liner to define the edges before applying you lipgloss. 

Recently I fell in love with the color maroon, purple and black and so far I haven’t gotten bad reviews so I’ll say, it’s all good. So now that we have accepted that dark lips are sexy as well, let’s talk about how to take care of it.

  1. If you are a smoker it’s wise to quit, because smoking leaves you dehydrated and in turn leave you lips dry, and causes wrinkles on or around the lips.
  2. Take loads of water, it’s not an overnight process but it will prevent your lips from “cracking” or dryness.
  3. I know this is hard personally but make sure you remove your lipstick before going to bed, especially the matte lipsticks, your lips will thank you!
  4. Apply a lip balm before using any matte product on your lips.
  5. Eat right. Take fruits, milk, etc this shouldn’t be a problem now should it?
  6. Be careful what product you use on your lips, some products can cause reactions on your lips, so please  take note.

Having dark lips doesn’t mean you don’t get to enjoy the bright lip colors nope! Matter of fact I urge you to play with lip colors. Is this a write up about dark lips or dark lipsticks? I say it’s both! Lol!. Either ways your lips are dark and sexy. 

These are the little ways I have been able to keep my dark lips looking healthy and sexy. Comment if you have a routine you would like to share on how to rock your dark lips. Remember if your lips are naturally dark, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it and you should so rock it!

Thanks for reading, liking, commenting and sharing!

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