Lipsticks and Lipfriends 

After having a weave on for a long time, I decided to try something totally new to me, Ghana weaving! Lol yes in all my life I haven’t tried it because I felt I wasn’t bold or pretty enough to rock it. So feeling in a funky mood I decided to go for Ghana weaving, and guess what? It looked so amazing on me! I loved my look so much I dedicated enough time to do a worthy makeup and in the spirit of boldness I decided to use my beyond beauty dark purple lip stick. I went out and people loved my new look, and I felt so good. So today I’m going to talk about lipsticks and lipfriends.
I came up with the word lipfriends because it bests describes friends who really don’t want to see you better than them, so they tell you things or discourage you from things in a “friendly” manner. What does it have to do with lipsticks? I’ll let you know. You know how they say there’s a lipstick for every occasion, nude or light lipsticks for the bride, dark or deep red for traditional marriage and so on?  I have also come to the conclusion that there’re friends for every occasion in your life. You want to embark on a new project? Why would you go to a friend who hasn’t achieved any, you should go to someone who has and is willing to impact knowledge on how to achieve that project successfully. You want to party? There are friends for that, you want to visit? You have friends for that. 

I remember going through this fashion magazine with some friends and we saw this particular lady, she looked beautiful and her make up was flawless, but something didn’t sit right, and after much deliberation we all agreed it was her lipstick! It just didn’t compliment that look she was going for. Now when I wanted to make this Ghana weaving some months back, I asked some lipfriends (i didn’t know then) what they thought. They said oh no girl! Don’t you know what fits you? It won’t be fine on you oh. So I believed them I swore to never entertain the idea of that hair. Until recently I channeled my inner diva and decided to go for it, what’s the worse that could happen right?. And it turned out great. 

As a makeup artist I have come to love lipsticks, in fact I now have a thing for lipsticks, they make you either classy or ratchet, left for you to know how and where to use them. My mentor once told me the kind of friends you keep determines how far you’ll get in life. And I apply it to my lipstick picking, what event am I going for, what look do I want to achieve and I go for it.

There is always a right lipstick for every occasion, be it a birthday party, wedding, date night with bae, hang out with friends whatever! You just have to know what impression you want to give. Same goes for friends, what impression are you giving? Do you like that impression? You could change it, after all it’s your lip and your life. And when you make that choice(I really hope it agrees with you) you should rock it and have a blast! 

My purple lips and I thank you for liking, commenting, sharing, and following.  


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