Abuja Lane

With confused emotions pulsing through her whole body, Emmanuella kept reading her novel of the month, Chimamanda’s Americanah. She had made it a point of duty to herself to pick up a book once a month, but with this particular novel, she was angry yet curious. Why is this lady focusing more on the two characters past than their present, I just want to know if they will end up together despite the twist of their lives, she thought. Ping! A signal that a new message just came through her phone, with mild irritation yet relieve to take a break, she dropped her tab on the bed and picked up her phone,the irritation was immediately replaced with an aggressive growl. Not again!

Hello my darling, how r u? Please agree for me, I can’t stop thinking of those your legs, they are so beautiful, I just want them wrapped around my waist!. Please I will take care of you till you marry. I will fly you out to anywhere you want to go, Your Prince.

She felt like throwing the phone against the wall like they do in the movies as a show of rage, but she remembered how she saved up three months of her salary to get the phone and decided against it. This man oh! Oh God what did I do to deserve this?. 

This man Mr Rotimi has been disturbing her since the day he met her in her office and collected her number in a pretense of looking for his phone. Is it now a crime to help the elderly? Even remembering his appearance alone would make one think he wouldn’t dare ask a young girl out, but no! Fool wouldn’t respect his old age. 

When he first started sending her messages like this, she had told him off, called him and told him she wasn’t hungry, wasn’t looking to travel out of the country because she was a Corper, and most certainly was not interested in being looked after till she got married. She went ahead to block all his lines on true caller and still he sends messages every once in two weeks like a demon with a smirking face saying I’m still here, not going anywhere. 

This has been Ella’s dilemma since she stepped into the city of Abuja. Men automatically assumed she was in the business of “I did not come to Abuja to play” so they tried to tempt, cajole, and manipulate her. Even those fine ass ones that she saw herself dating! But all they wanted from her was sex, after all is she not an Abuja babe?. She remembered how one of the fine bobos told her straight up that he wasn’t interested in having a relationship, just a baby and she should name her price! Ah! The audacity! The effrontery! What rubbish! She called a friend and ranted to her about the supposed proposal and the friend laughed and told her “girlfriend this is Abuja, shine your eyes, don’t let your service year end without something to show for it oh”. It was the dryness in her throat that made her realise her mouth was wide open in shock of what she was hearing. 

She looked at her phone again, obviously ignoring him wasn’t the decision, time for plan B.

Listen Sir, I have told you countless times that I don’t do  such, yet you still insist on disturbing. I will have you know that I belong to four WhatsApp groups, and I have four social media outlets, if I keep getting this sort of messages from you, I will have no other option than to send in screenshots of your messages followed by your numbers. I am sure you wouldn’t want that.

Let’s see if you are that stubborn, she thought. Throwing a side glance at her tab and contemplating going back to Ifemelu’s gist or warming up the remaining Jollof she took from the owambe party she attended on Saturday. Obinze and Ifemelu can wait please, I needed a break after all, she thought. Ping! A signal a message just came through.


Babe, dress up Franklin just got into town and he’s coming with his friend. He’s taking us to Jevnik. Please dress well abeg.

Trust Tinuke to always have waka, at least it’s not that useless man, she thought. No more Jollof I guess. thank goodness!  Finally a reason to do my makeup, yippie! She gleefully pranced to the bedroom to look for something pretty to wear. Calling Tinuke as she went through clothes she had.

“Babe what’s up, did you get my text?”  Tinuke picked at the second ring

“I did, come I don’t know what to wear oh, this one that you are telling me to wear something nice, what to do you suggest I wear?” 

“Na wa for you oh, you mean in that closet full of clothes, you can’t find one thing to wear?” Her friend laughed at her

“Of course I found something to wear but you said his friend was coming too, so now I don’t know if to wear that my pencil jeans trouser or my bodicon gown abi I should even wear that jumpsuit you said brings out my bumbum, what do you think?” She asked as she brought out the clothes she was mentioning.

“Ahahahahah, abeg calm down shey it’s man that is shacking you like this, wear the jumpsuit, it really compliments your shape, and your hair” 

“Abi? Ehen! What time should I meet up with you”

“We should leave my house by 5”



“Abeg jor, if he wanted to spend money he would have by now, don’t mind him, oshofree man” Tinuke said as she took a sip from her chapman. They were already at Jevnik and had ordered drinks as they waited for the guys to join them

“I don’t even want his money, last thing I need is one old wrinkled man to think I owe him something, please let me finish this service and leave this place abeg I’m tired, no boyfriend, no nothing”

“Ahahahah babe calm down, why do you think you are here, Franklin said he’s friend is searching, you know I gotcha back” Her friend had on a reassuring smile

“Ok oh, but they should be here by now na…oh see Franklin” Emmaunuella said just as Franklin walked in with another guy, He looked around till he finally found them, smiled and walked up to them. But Emmanuella was already looking at his friend as they walked to the table, not bad at all she thought, chocolate complexion and tall, looks like we shall be friends Mr, she smiled at her private joke.

“Sorry for delaying traffic to this place is no joke” Franklin said as he pulled out a seat beside Tinuke “Hey babe” he said to Tinuke 

“It’s ok, we just got here as well, Hello”  Tinuke said referring the hello to Franklin’s friend

“Sorry babe, this is Femi, Femi this is my babe Tinuke and her delectable friend, Emmanuella”

“Hello” Femi said to Tinuke but his eyes were on Emmanuella

“Hi” Emmanuella said , openly flirting with her eyes 

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