Fashion Frugality

Ever wondered how that lady in the office with heels and clothes to die for manages to pull it off even in this unstable economy? It’s no big secret we all are going through financial situations, the big secret here is how some ladies still look fabulous despite the times! So let’s talk about fashion, is it considered fashion when you wear high end designer dresses that our celebrities adorn from time to time? I think not.

Fashion should be your personal statement, it is supposed to blend in with your personality.Fashion for me is adorning your body with what compliments it. I don’t have to have loads of cash stashed up somewhere to be able to afford that lovely dress, or shoe or bag that I want. Some ladies see it as a necessity to wear designer clothes that are way expensive not because they can afford it all the time, nope! But they believe it’s fashion!  So I’ll bring to you ways in which you can look chic and classy without breaking the bank.

Salvatore Ferragamo Nolita Tote ($1,050)
Zara Mini City Bag ($80)


Gianvito Rossi Cap-Toe Pumps $745
Contrast Print High Heels £9.99
Regina Halterneck jumpsuit $595

Long black Jumpsuit £16
Victoria Beckham’s Mesh Inset Crepe dress $2,650
ASOS Mesh Midi Bodycon dress £35
I’m a firm believer of the saying “it is not what you wear, but how you wear it” so ladies, let’s spend less and be chic. I always try to spend less on my clothes and more on my makeup,besides how else would I be able to save money to buy that popping mascara or the oh! so beautiful Lipstick huh? Exactly!. 

Remember a beautiful outfit isn’t complete without complimentary accessories and makeup to go with it., and lipsticks ladies! Lipsticks! Lol. Stay Chic

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