My Ex

He said we should go out for drinks, said its been a while we hung out, said he wanted to catch up with what’s been going on, and stupid gullible me I believed. I met him at the Ay live concert at Eko hotel two years ago, he was cute and charming so we exchanged numbers. After that it’s been online love, he wakes me up in the morning with his cheesy love lines, and we sleep while still chatting with each other, we had our first kiss via bbm, had our first sex via the phone and had our first major fight on the phone. It was like I knew him, like he completely got the core reason for my aspirations. He was my ying and I was his yang. He helped rejoiced with me and helped to plan what to buy when my baby sister was born and he cried with me when she passed. 

After been married for a year on social media we decided to bring it to the real world, he took my to plays, shows, movies. Our Sunday’s were not complete without yellow chilli, he knew how much I loved the seafood okro soup and pounded yam they served there, and how I couldn’t possibly resist the cold welcoming arms of coldstone ice cream. Before online, I thought he was a dream guy, but now in reality I knew he was a dream guy. He followed me the black up store and watched as I selected the lipsticks, followed me to mr price as I checked out the new stock and looked for what caught my eyes. He knew what to say and when to touch me. We consummated our love in Four point hotel his the phone was playing some classic love songs. He looked into my eyes and told me I was his final bustop, I told him he was my all or nothing.

And then Christopher my newest colleague comes with his British accent, I mean it’s not that I felt like cheating or anything. I was just fascinated with the accent and wondered what christopher would sound like whispering into my ear, that’s it I was curious. Since we stayed in the same area we fast became friends and started chatting and basically became besties. We hung out more, christopher came to my house, christopher became friends with my folks and became a family. 

He noticed my apparent giddiness when chatting on the phone and he would ask who it was “oh it’s just Christopher ” I would say off handedly. He one time teased me of falling in love with Christopher and I jokingly told him “after you its Christopher, you two make me so happy”. He continued with the statement overtime but removing the teasing out of the statement. “He’s distracting you from me” he would say, and at first I loved the show of jealousy and possessiveness, I was in cloud nine , and then it turned to the accusations, “why haven’t you been picking my calls, why have you refused to read your chats, why is it that I see you on the phone all the time, yet you can’t answer me right on time, why would you allow Christopher drop you off?, I bet you wouldn’t like Christopher if he looses his voice”

At first I begged him to not be paranoid, I told him it was him alone. Then he graduated to calling me names in yellow chilli when the waiter comes with the menu, and shouting at me when I don’t make up my mind on what topping I wanted to go with my  ice cream in coldstone,and threatening to throw my phone away when it rings. And then I resorted to withdrawing from him,and I succeeded after two months. I started enjoying my days just talking with christopher, and going out for fun activities. Six months into been happy and finding a good place with Christopher, he texts me and says he knows he was a douche and it was wise of me to backtrack and now he just wants us to hang out, I was reluctant at first, but gave in with a stern condition of meeting in a public place. So we met at Getz Arena, the restaurant section. After fifteen minutes of awkwardness, we start flowing, and we laugh and talk some more. Christopher calls me right then and I excuse myself to take the call, I come back, took a sip of my drink and resumed from where we are. ” do you remember that day at Four point? That I told you you were my last bustop?” I nodded with distant smile, I was getting a headache already “remember what you told me?”  I feel my head really spinning. “I can’t remember ” I mumbled “I don’t feel too good, I need to leave” I said reaching for my purse ” you told me I was your all or nothing”. I looked at him with a sudden realization, he smiled smugly, looked around and said something to the nearbye person, the last thing I saw was someone coming closer to me.

Now I’m here in his hotel room, it’s been two days, he wakes me up when he’s about to have his way with me and drugs me back to sleep. He has removed two my front teeth with a plier, he has used a razor to tattoo his name on my thigh and the small of my back. He said he won’t kill me, just make me hate myself enough to not love any other man, he is slowing succeeding. I keep asking myself, “why did I talk to Christopher? Why did I ruin a beautiful relationship for a British accent, why did I flirt back with Christopher, why wasn’t I satisfied” and the ultimate question “who would love me now” 

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