Oily skin gift or a curse

I had a client some weeks back who was so happy about her makeup, she looked amazing! I mean her brows were popping, the contour were subtle yet brought out her cheekbone, I would say she looked ready to rumble the only thing left was to put on her clothes and you know get ready to party, but she had pleaded with me to stay back and help retouch her makeup when she was done dressing up (Gele and all). Of course I didn’t think much on it since the dressing up wouldn’t take up to fifteen minutes tops, or so I thought! We were done with her Gele and she had worn her outfit, only for me to check her face out to see oil coming out of her t-zone, of course I wasn’t pleased because right then I knew this was one client with that “oily skin” , and mind you I had used a primer! So I had to use blotting paper before touching up her face again. 

With that in mind I decided to write on oily skin, why you have oily skin, is it a blessing or a curse, and what products are good for your oily skin.

Now let’s find out why you have an oily skin, according to research they say oily skin is a result of the sebaceous glands producing more oil  than the usual. If not controlled it might lead to blackheads or whiteheads. But I’ll also let you know it is believed to maintain the skin and therefore making your skin look younger and glowy. Sometimes it’s annoying yes I know, but we’ll say oily skin is a blessing and not a curse, therefore it should be preserved and controlled. Oily skin can either be hereditary or from you diet or environment. So how do you preserve an oily skin

1. Do you use cleaning products that is oil based on your face,you should check the ingredients and be sure it does have oil agents, better still use natural oils if you have to, I don’t use oils on my face because not only is it sensitive it’s oily, but if you must I recommend grape seed oil.

2. Wash your face regularly, you can because you have excess oil coming out later so don’t worry there’s still enough coming through. Wash your face before bedtime even if you didn’t wear makeup that day, this will help clear you pores and make your skin breath well, and you’ll avoid the black or white heads to the minimum!

3. I know they say you should always oil your hair to keep it nourished, but really some people take it to the extreme! This is where you see the forehead shining, so yes keep your hair clean and the cream to the hair alone.

4. Take lots of water, I promise you this helps your whole body not just you face, but of course it gives you a healthy skin. So you might want to reduce the soda intake because remember any calories that isn’t used is turned straight into fat, which will appear on your face!

5. Exfoliate at least twice a month depends on how oily your skin is, remember we are trying to maintain it not eradicate it.

6. Avoid the sun please, yes we don’t get burnt like our light skinned beauties but you should know that dark skin gets burns as well. This one time my mum had sun burn and she didn’t even know! Her chest, neck and face were darker than the rest and she chucked it under the “your face is usually darker than the rest of the body” assumption. People! dark skin also gets sun burn, and if you can’t avoid the sun situation then get a sun screen please.

7. My favorite part which is exercising, it’s really good for the body and it helps to stabilize your hormones and release toxins we don’t need.

8. Eating healthy is no longer boring thanks to different people who have come up with different  ideas of making eating healthy fun and  simple.

9. Your moisturizers, you should go for a non-oil-based moisturizer or the ones specifically made for oily skin. Cream-based moisturizers are not for you sister!

10. Remember blotting paper is your best friend if you want that makeup to look peng!

11. Always go for matifying products, in your foundation and powder. In powder I would recommend Milani, Maybelline fit me matte powder,Tara, Mary Kay, Black up BmPro powder, (if you know if more please state) for foundation I would recommend Black up full coverage foundation, Maybelline dream matte mousse foundation,the Maybelline fit me pore less foundation, Tara mattifying foundation,Revlon colorstay, Imam perfect response.

12. Use a primer on your face, I would recommend Black up primer, boots no7 primer, Mary Kay primer,and Zaron face primer (although debatable). I would also say milk of magnesium although some people don’t know how to apply it and it will come out a bit flaky most times. But you do know,how to use it, then by all means please use. 

All in all your skin is a blessing, know how to rock it, take care of it and maintain it. Also let your face breath sometimes,it will help keep it looking youthful and not beat up and retired.

Ps: Products I recommended I have either used, researched on or gotten a recommendation for it

Thank you for reading, commenting, liking, following and sharing.

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