For the love of shoes

A male friend of mine said something really funny yet some what true while talking about women, he said ‘you can read a woman from her shoes’ of course I laughed at it. But while having a private audit of my day, my thoughts fell back to his statement, and after musing on it for a while, I decided to write on it.

Shoes! I love shoes! Next to makeup, shoes come next, shoes are one thing I love so much but don’t have enough finances to go crazy on. And when I talk about shoes I mean heels! Those ones that add to the swagger of your movement, that gives you that extra Boost.Yes Those are the heels I’m referring to. Anyways, after that I started making a mental observation of the ladies around me, my impression of them and how their shoes talk about their lives, I came up with four types of women 

The fashionable career lady

Her shoes are pointed and no less than 6 inch heels during working hours, her hair is either adorned with a human hair, or long neat braids, she most likely wears pencils skirts or pencil gowns, or body fitting pants, with flawless makeup and diction. She likes to exude confidence, strength, and equality with the male colleagues. She’s the lady the male colleagues would find fortunate talking to, would love to do favors for her. She might use this sometimes to her own advantage, she loves to have fun, she might be quiet or opinionated but she’s the belle of the party. 

The fun is a crime career lady

Her shoes are not more than 2inches, to enables her run after unruly employees or chase down clients, she likes the idea of being a fashionable career lady but the idea of those uncomfortable heels ain’t for her, she’d rather put that effort into more work, you get the idea. She decks up in suits, no pencil skirts or gowns for her nope! looks sharp and ready to go. She’s always on to something. Her believes she’s one of the boys. She’ll be the lady discussing business during an office party.

The fashion shouldn’t be painful lady

She loves shoes alright, but not the pointed ones, she prefers the blocked heels and wedges,  she loves the idea of looking really good, so will switch the pointed heels for the blocked heels. She’s equally as fun as the fashionable career lady, but is more relaxed, she’s the one the male colleagues would talk about the fashionable career lady with, she’s certainly one of the boys.  Her makeup is fair enough, she couldn’t be bothered with trying to flirt with the males because she thinks it’s ridiculous, her skirt is fitted not pencil, same goes for her gowns and pants. The days she’s not putting on her blocked heels or wedges, she’s putting on a very pretty flat shoes, you’ll know she took time in purchasing those shoes because of the design, she rarely wears plain flats.

The drab couldn’t be bother lady

She has little love for shoes or fashion, she only wears them because it’s a requirement to be able to come out to the society, her shoes are plain, no heels at all, she couldn’t be bothered, you will see her wearing mismatched clothes to work or events, and plain flats or snickers of course. She doesn’t put too much mind to her dressing. She’s seen as a female most times, but that’s just about it. Makeup is so out of it, the least she’ll do is powder and lipgloss and no more. In some cases she loves to have fun but most cases is laid back. 

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