Affairs for the lips

So it’s Friday night and my typical idea of a good evening is being with friends mixed with new people as well and gisting over drinks, not dancing over loud music (although I must admit that turns out to be fun too) but floating from one topic to the other. And this particular Friday one of the topics was women and their makeup. And of course me the defender and explainer of all things feminine took the mantle. (Let me just put it out that guys should leave us women and our makeup alone, buy for us or let us be) ok! So yh one of the newbies amongst us said he liked his women looking natural and  he statedhis reasons till he made a mistake and mentioned me. I smiled because I knew this was a sign from God that it was indeed my turn to shine, I looked him in the face and said ” mr man this is not my real face oh, I did some serious makeup here” everyone laughed and of course being the makeup artist in the group, I went into a lecture of what goes into a ‘natural face’. But later that night I went home looked at myself in the mirror after removing my signature grey eyeshadow and foundation, it struck me! The only reason the guy thought I looked natural was because of my selection of lipstick! I know! Shocker right!? Yh

I consider myself a wise spender, I mean I don’t spend on much but who am I kidding! I spend money on makeup, lipsticks to be exact, I don’t know about you sister! but the best way to feel better when I feel I need a booster is my makeup most especially my lips cause oh well that is my selling point! Lol! Yah I am allowed to be vain please. Imagine just swiping that stick through your lips and letting those lips come alive again! Especially if it’s a new stick lol….. I have formed a bond with my lipsticks, like there is an emotion attached to every colour!

So let’s talk about lipsticks, from colors to their meaning and to appropriate places to wear them. Okay? So Lipsticks! Gosh my faves of all makeup. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of a good lipstick and the color, I mean lipsticks makes the makeup or Mars it. First thing I realized about lipsticks were to know what worked for me. The whole cliche about how you can do no wrong with a red lipstick is all a fallacy to me to be very honest. See as a teenager I read all this columns of how you must have a red lipstick cause it’s the “go-to” lipstick. Yh right no wonder I looked…well let’s not there. Point is Red wasn’t my thing. So my first advice would be to know what works for you.

Let’s start for what look do you you want to go for, I always love to go for the innocent yet enticing look, not the obvious I’m sexy look. So I go for my nude lipsticks, I could pair it up with different colours of lipliners and my favourite lipliners is purple, I either use zaron crayon pencil or any purple lipstick, then I use the nude to fill up my lips. Let me address somethings quickly the color Nude is very relative so while looking for nude, look for something that is your lip color shade. So if you’re fair or shall I say light skinned your colour nude might have a touch of pink. 

Nude: Ever wondered why most brides have nude lips on their white dress irrespective of the eye makeup? Its basically (and here is the secret) because a nude lip tones down a eye makeup, that’s why my new friend thought I looked natural. Nude lipsticks give you that innocent angelic look. To get the perfect nude lip try to use a lip balm, then while rubbing your foundation, also rub it sparingly on your lips, then use your lip pencil and apply carefully to the corners of your lip, then apply your nude lipstick within the line you made. Please try not to spill to the outer part, if you do use your pencil to correct it, and then pat your lips together till it’s properly blended. You can choose to add lipgloss to it or not. Now this look I would say is good for girls hang out, typical office day, casual outing with bae, or a guy you just met, a wedding that isn’t your, a white wedding that is yours, I’m sure you get the drift now.

Red, Blue, Burgundy: All these colors for me exudes a sexual look. They are bold, demanding and controlling. Ever watched those movies where they want to do a total transformation for the lady, maybe she’s trying to catch the eye of one fine bobo, do you notice the colours of they use are either Red or burgundy? Rarely any other colour! It’s simple because a lady in Red, is a lady in action or hot for action. Even if you’re not sha, that’s what it’s portraying. This is a look you want when you guy has pissed you off, honestly put this baby on with a good makeup on oh, and even if you were the one that messed up, seventy percent probability dude will apologize. Wear this when you’re to give a presentation (again please with good makeup) it will boost your confidence and give you that controlling feel. Wear this when you want get it on with a guy, don’t forget red means sex. By now you should get the idea that red is for Action moments.

Black: Well, if used right, it is incredibly sexy in a gothic way. Dark coloured lipsticks go well with plain or neutral colored eye makeup, so you avoid looking too gothic. Places to adorn these are night parties, I for one wear dark lipsticks when I feel spantaneous or in a daring mood. 

So baby girl if you ever need a guide for where to wear you lipstick to, now you know. If you don’t have much lipsticks, I really don’t know how you cope, go get you more lipsticks. If you feel like you need a booster please darling you know what to do. Me and your lips will love you for it. 


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