Escaping Insanity

I don’t know if it’s the recession going on in the country or if it’s just that people have gotten more frustrated with their lives, but all I know is people are no longer happy, too many angry people moving around. It’s like the country is spiraling downwards and the people are fighting and fighting to survive and beat the system. Some time ago I had a wonderful conversation with an elderly lady, she went to the school of nursing and she told me about how things were easier back in those day, how life was sweeter and people were not so crazy in the head. It brought to my own school days, when with just #50 you could buy one gala and goldspot drink, and how meal ticket was #100 with a big chicken lap or turkey, imagine #100! Sigh. When I thought of those days and compared it to now, it brought a wave of sadness and depression, I began to understand what might be going on the minds of some people that pushes them to commit suicide. I mean back in the day, one’s salary was enough to take care of house things, fun, and still save but now? Salary (for those who have jobs) isn’t even enough to support the family talk more of fun or saving, now you wanna talk about lending to your friend? Who you’re not so sure will pay you back not cause he’s a bad friend but because times are hard? Suicide and domestic violence have escalated to an alarming rate. Let’s not even talk about the crime rate, stealing, kidnapping, rituals etc and the increasing rate of unemployment isn’t making any thing better either. Which brings me to my topic, I’m going to talk about how to escape the insanity of it all, hopefully you can pick a thing or two.

1. Excercise

I know it sounds very typical but stay with me, not everyone that excercises do it for a fine shape or something, you see most people in shape and they tell you it keeps them mental, when you work out your body releases endorphins which the end result will lift you mood and make you feel better than before. It works better if you have a partner that way you talk  and work out together. You don’t have to sign up to a gym, there are excercises fit for home, or you can run or take a long walk around your neighborhood. 

2. Diet

Now when I say Diet I don’t mean the ones where you stay off a certain food for a while, no I mean changing the circle of how you eat and when you have eat. If you are known to eat late at night switch it up and eat earlier, if you know yourself to eat till you can’t feel your legs, you might want to change that as well, eat light and feel light.

3. Read

Yup and I don’t mean the newspaper nope! Remember we are trying to stay positive and not depressed, which is what newspapers tend to do. Read novels fictional novels because hey they are not real, read invention journals if you’re into that sort of thing, or motivational books. As you keep reading you’ll realise that your ears are closing to the negativity in your life or happenings around you. You could also read online. Comment you email down below if you want links to some of the stuff I have been reading online.

4. Work on your hobby or a new hobby

I included new hobby because most of us have hobbies that cost money (I am very guilty here) so instead of shopping or indulging in something that costs money. You could read, work out, write, draw, paint, P.S You never know you’re talented till you’re bored. 

5. Have a gist buddy 

This is very very important. Man is not an island. I’m not talking about being friends with everyone, I’m talking about having that one person you’re always always gisting with.

6. Have a counsellor

I know some people will say it’s not that serious but trust me, having a counsellor can do you a world of wonders, now a counsellor isn’t someone you pay, no, a counsellor is someone who will listen to you whine and whine then gently without flogging you with words advice you on what to do. A counsellor can be the parent you’re closest to, an uncle or a pastor friend. A counsellor works better if the person is way older than you.

7. Don’t hold things back

Seriously that’s how psychos and other bad news generate, people tend to bottle things up till they either hurt someone or hurt themselves. So when you’re frustrated please talk to someone, either the person that triggered the frustration or to a friend that will understand the frustration. Vent into an open space, scream , cry, punch a bag. After everything it helps in making you feel better.

8. Love yourself

The most important, because if you love yourself you would disengage from anything that would not bring you joy, be it friends, Or a job or family

Please feel free to comment and add things that help you to escape the insanity. Thank You for reading, commenting, following, liking and sharing.

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