That thing about Fitness

Eight times out of ten when I hear people talk about fitness, they paint a picture of a skinny or slim person, it’s never someone who is on the big side. So it got me thinking maybe some people haven’t gotten it yet, maybe people still believe if you eat less and go on some strict diet you will be “fit”. But that’s hardly ever the case. Today I’m going to be talking about fitness. 

Like clothes and underwear or even makeup everyone has what is good for them. Same thing with fitness, it’s a personal thing it should go with your metabolism. That’s why they tell you to actually go to the doctor before starting a diet or joining a gym, so as to know what would work for you, I bet you didn’t know that. Now you know, so I’ll point out some other things.

1. Knowing what to eat, when to eat, and what quantity to eat

So it’s not about dieting, dieting just gives you the figure you want, but remember we are talking about fitness, so when it comes to food and fitness, you just got to know what to eat meaning do I need more of protein or more of carbs or more fiber. When you got that covered, next thing to figure out is when this food will best be useful, is it when I’m working, lounging or sleeping, when will the nutrients of this food work best for me, then lastly you want to know what quantity you  are eating them. You’ll see that your food and it’s nutrients will start working for you.

2. Water

Water is very very essential, when you look at a fit person, you’ll notice their skin, it glows, it radiates, secret is mostly water, takes water, if you find it hard to take water, look for interesting ways to take it, like adding cucumber in it, or apple or Lemon, believe me you won’t know when you’ll finish more than three liters of water in a day. Research says that the advised quantity of water to be taken in a day is eight glasses of water and that’s about two point two liters. So don’t replace water for soda or smoothie. Water is water and is very essential.

3. Exercising

Some people make up excuses for not working out, but truth is you have to work your muscles else they won’t work for you, honestly. You don’t have to go to the gym, you can run, take long walks (no trekking doesn’t count) and there are exercises that can be done at home, you can do yoga at home.

4. Rest

Believe it or not some people don’t rest when they sleep,in their sleep they are still thinking and working,  you have to find time to let go of thoughts and just relax, resting is essential for fitness because the body needs a downtime too, you can take out few minutes from your working hour to just relax and let the body and your mind rest.

Remember fitness should be for everybody not just for some people, it should be a lifestyle. Because fitness prolongs the natural life.

Thank you for reading, liking, commenting, following and sharing.

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