Journey to picture perfect

Deola stepped into the center of the room and turned slowly as she critically examined the sitting room. The room smelt of fresh roses, she had told her staff to buy enough flowers and make the smell of the whole inspire the thoughts of rebirth and love, they seemed to have gotten what she wanted. She was satisfied with what she saw but kept her face neutral, no way was she showing her workers that this was what she would have come up with if she had designed the house herself. 

She looked at her P.A who stood there obviously holding his breath for an approval or disapproval 

“Not bad, I like the clips you got for the blinds, it’s unique. I like what I see Yinka, not the best but far from what you did last time. You’re coming up! Have you told the agency that the maid starts tomorrow 8:00am sharp and we want a man?”

“Yes madam, I also Amah to come along with the banner just in case you approve everything then we can hang it up”

“Hmmmm that’s a good initiative, tell your driver to bring the letter let me sign”

“Ok madam”

She turned around again this time running her eyes through everything. When her client had walked up to her and said 

Hello, I got your number from someone who said you were the best at interior decorating and here I am. I just built a duplex for my recent wife and I want you to furnish to her optimal satisfaction, with no expense spared. She is having my baby boy, so I also want it to be child friendly yet top notch class!.

just that sentence from him and his mannerism showed her, this was a man that knew what he wanted and wouldn’t spare any expense to get it. So she had pulled her best vendors. From the guy into furnitures in Hong Kong to  Egypt to get the perfect curtain materials and China for blinds. Then she contacted her guy from Imo state for local artifacts. She really spared no expense and she was proud of her team.

“Madam” she turned to see Yinka extending his hand to give her the envelope, she took it from him “thanks ” after digging into her pen to find her special pen, she walked into the bar space, and by the bar stand she opened the envelope, took out the letter and signed her initials. Then she gave to her PA who took it to the center piece and placed it there. 

That’s it  she thought one project done and dusted off the journal! 

when you guys hang the banner take the final pictures and send them to the printer ok?”

“Yes madam”

“You can take the rest of the week off, just don’t forget the office phone in case of any emergencies”

“Oh thanks a lot ma!”

“You’ve earned it!, don’t forget to send the mail” she spoke as she walked out of the house 

” yes madam”

She saw some of her staff loitering around, probably waiting for the next instruction

“Weldone guys, you guys did a good job, if you keep this up, who knows! Maybe an increase in salaries and commissions.take the rest of today and tomorrow off and resume on Thursday, is that clear?”

A chorus of “yes ma and thank you ma filled the air” 

She nodded and walked to her car. The driver made a move to enter the car as well

” what I said includes you Baba, I will see you on Thursday ” she said as she collected the keys from him

“Ah thank you ma! È śé ma, God bless you ma”

“Hahahah, Amen.” 

 Argghhh thank God, that’s over….what to do what to do! Yes! Let me call Ada before she chews me alive

Ring ring ring ring

So it’s now your royal highness has the time to call the subjects back ehn?” Was the hello her friend said as she picked up her phone, Deola mentally rolled her eyes

“Madam we spoke this morning on WhatsApp plus you gave me two missed calls only, no just talk there! Anyways I’m calling now so what’s up ” she bounced excitedly on her car seat as she drove out of the compound

” I no blame you, na me wey wan carry gist give you na. Anyways where are you?”

“Hahahahah, just leaving the house in chevron, why”

” That’s even better, come to my house, this gist is not meant for the phone, Kerri is here with me”

“Ehen….no wahala. Give me thirty minute, please I’m hungry oh”

“That’s good ales the three of us, buy food from Mega chicken on your way, bye bye”

“What……..” Ada had dropped the call

Sigh. Her friends were something else. She gave a happy sigh. Life was good. She remembered when she and her friends had nothing but dreams and their mouth. 

They became close friends in their third year. And in their final year they planned it out and stayed in the same room. All of them She, Kerri, Ada and the smallest amongst them all Ese got closer and unknowing formed a clique people called KADE girls. She read Mass    communication, Kerri read political science, Ese read Human resources and Ada read Economics. Ada was the first among them to get married and has been on their case to do the same. 

She remembered when she finished her service year and everyone who told her to bring in her CV when she was done with school ,just shut down themselves when it was time to actually get the job, out of frustration she dropped her certificate gathered money from her parents and when went to read interior design after which she interned for a company without pay for six months before breaking out to start her own business. Thinking back it had been a wise decision, because she had never looked at her certificate, I don’t even know where that thing is sef she thought to herself. 

Now she had a brand that had a staff strength of fifty qualified people and up to two hundred projects under her belt. Life was looking good. 

She was slowing down at the turning to enter Mega chicken when her phone rang, she looked down to locate her phone and in that split second she heard Kpash! Oh no! oh no! oh no! Please God let it not be what I think!


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