Let’s talk about Resolutions 

I was never one to write down new year resolutions because I firmly belief in the inevitable, I mean what happens when you’re in a spot and you already made a promise to never ever do that one thing that was going to quickly make that issue go away, what then happens, I’m even going far, some people actually don’t even remember that resolution they made, so they break it then remember later. 

A friend of mine said resolutions were just there to keep score of how many times you actually committed the act because eight out of ten resolutions are broken without a thought . So in my mind, I’m like why even bother with the resolution, why not just work on your mindset and get the strength of your willpower right. I mean isn’t the whole idea to grow up everyday? Make mistakes and leatn from them, why stunt your growth by putting a fixed mindset that doesn’t even work to start with.  I mean lets be real do resolutions work? I know a girl that has a soft spot for cute guys, and she had a resolution not to sleep with the next one that catches her eye, well the resolution lasted for the night, cause the next morning she was all up on him!. 

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Resolutions to me are like quick fixes, they don’t take the problem away, just covers it up. I know you have closes friends and relations who you’re tired of hearing the word resolution come out of their mouth, I know you do. Let’s think on this for a bit, wouldn’t it be better if you come across a situation but instead of thinking of the resolution, you think of the repercussions of your actions then handle the situation as the individual case as it is. 

Why am I talking about news year resolutions late into the year? I tell you, while working out today, doing my squats and crunches, minding my business, some ladies were talking to each other (it’s not eavesdropping if like I said I was minding my business) one of the girls(ladies) said “I want to renew my new year resolutions, cause I don break every one of them” and she laughed, apparently she had paid for gym subscription on the first week of January and today was her third attendance after that. Yh I’m sure your thoughts align with mine, cause few of the things running through my mind were, lady it is May! What are you renewing again? Isn’t it obvious what is wrong here. You lack interest and self will to change your mental! Am I being harsh? Or unfeeling when I say this, no,it’s the plain truth. Resolutions don’t help make a better you, self decipline and a keen interest to grow out of ones situation do. 

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