The dream eater Vs You

I had an amazing dream last night. I dreamt I was given a gift card with unlimited cash in it to go shopping with. In that dream I went to a major makeup store and went all out. The concealers of different shades stood in line like humans as I made my pick, the lipsticks were defending why they were to be picked and the bronzers and highlighters were doing a glow competition. It was a beautiful dream. The makeup artists in the store beat my face to perfection with the products I loved the most!. I came out of the makeup store looking like Gabrielle Union in the movie Top five. My phone rang in my Guess Crocs bag and I tried to pick it up but the phone kept ringing you know? Only for me to wake up to my alarm, time to get ready for work. Though I forgot to dream before I left the house for work, I know I felt the pain that instant realizing it was just a dream and nothing more 

You’re probably wandering why I’m telling you about my dreams , See this happens to almost everybody (if you haven’t experienced it before) well hello!! Are you human?! But that’s not the sort of dream I have in mind, I mean there are dreams and then there are DREAMS. I’m talking about what keeps you going, what makes you go to class every morning, go to work, have courage to face annoying Lagos traffic!🙃 or wherever you’re reading this from  (kidding) you know basically what your life dream is. As Steve Harvey would say “what are your long term goals”. I had the opportunity to talk to an elderly married woman, and she bared herself to me, she told me of her dreams when she was in school, how she wanted to you know be this strong rich independent lady that would teach her children the same thing,and how she had to forfeit all that for a more “realistic” dream. She really looked like the dream eater came in and stole her dreams leaving her with fuggy memories of what would have been. 

I also met this great elderly lady as well who went to Med school, her love or shall we say dream was to help people get better physically and mentally, and when given the option of marital happiness or achieved dream (getting to be a practising psychologist) guess what, she tweaked it, she decided to have marital happiness yet she goes to this NGO where she volunteers using her expertise the best way she can, and at the same time working with her husband to build their company, she’s lucky she could afford to do that, some people aren’t given that way out. But I can’t say her dream was stolen.

Many times we find ourselves in a very dicey situation where you have to compromise, and (not trying to be biased or sound femenist) SOMETIMES  it’s women that compromise and most times it’s their dreams they get to compromise. I always dream of 😊(lets focused here) anyways my question is, what’s your dream eater or should I say who, at the end of the day will your compromise leave you fulfilled and happy, or bitter and angry in a subtle  way. The way I see it  there’s so much the dream eater can do, it’s really you choice to fight to keep that dream well and alive with you or dead and gone with only a feeling of what the alternative would have been like. 

Remember no one would understand your frustrations but you, they only see the results of you frustrations and then judge. My question now is why sacrifice your dream for something you’ll still end up being judged for. Why not live out your dreams, why let the dream eater leave your later days bitter and probably with regrets.

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