Dear Diary- Dirty talking

So if I didn’t tell you I met a guy a couple months back, too ashamed to say where cause I refuse to categorize myself as one of those people who get to meet people that way, it’s not a bad way to meet someone but I’d rather not join the new rave. So anyways me and this guy have been pal-ling up and all of a sudden dude starts to talk dirty, sending me nasty videos of girls shaking ass and basically stuff not worth sending to a friend or one who isn’t romantically involved with you…yet, also talking about how he gets horny sometimes, like boy what are you saying? Like stop it child! Anyways it got me thinking at what point does it become very okay to talk nasty with a guy. When does a girl feel ok if I talk nasty to this dude, it’s completely okay and I’m not gonna be seen as a whore, or a thot or whatever.
You know the kind of dirty talk like, what are you wearing underneath, what would you like me to do to you when I see you and oh I’m horny say something to make me feel better ( and this is a problem because how and what do I say to a guy I only started calling a friend to relieve him or his sexual problem). Some ladies say that I will find it exciting when I am attracted to the guy, but really can a guy be so sure that a girl is attracted to him, that he jumps the gun?

I like it when a guy knows when the time is right to pull that stunt, but question is how will they know, when dealing with ladies it’s really a trick on knowing where their head is and what their reaction might be at that time. I asked a couple of guys what it means when a guy starts talking about a lady’s body part in a sexual way, and ninety percent of them quickly said without stuttering “he wants to smash”

I strongly feel that meeting a girl and saying you like her doesn’t give the guy go ahead to start talking dirty to her, there are ways to make a lady feel beautiful and turned on without using dirty words, I can’t say some of the words that work for me but hey that’s where creativity comes into play right. Don’t know about any other girl but I begin to view a guy that tries to put in a dirty word or two in a different light, I begin to weigh his words, mind you I weigh his words already but this time I am reading meaning to everything and before I know it I am getting slightly irritated with the guy, ready my talking with him, and at the end that’s just another “we used to know each other” story.

There is also the issue of respect for the lady, do guys really think that talking dirty few months into meeting a girl is charming, or respectful. When guys start talking dirty to me, I feel like for some reason I have given the guy a go ahead to do that, I feel talking dirty needs approval, ask me if I am comfortable talking dirty with you yet, ask me if I am ready, don’t jump the gun and go ahead to talk dirty to me, it wont fly, what if I am not attracted to you in that way? What if I don’t even know how to talk dirty and now I feel uncomfortable because I have to make up stupid things to say else I come off as inexperienced or naïve, what if?

So my questions now are; at what time is a guy allowed to talk dirty to a girl, at what time is she supposed to indulge the guy in this kind of talk and what goes through your mind as the guy or girl when talking dirty to the other gender, is it respectful thing to do?.

Dear diary, I feel like I should ask so many questions on this issue, but you just a dairy and I am an inquisitive mind.

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