Journey to picture perfect III

“Way” her dramatic friend emphasized as she took out plates from the drawer“But why, wasn’t it just last week she said she wasn’t feeling it anymore, abi am I getting something wrong?”

“I was there nah, but her excuse was he was acting strange and she was just building up a defense mechanism just in case”

“It’s like you guys are forgetting the main koko here, that he has slapped her in front of us before, if Kennedy can do that in front of us, I’m trying to imagine what next now that he has engaged her” the others nodded in unison each left to her own thoughts, food almost forgotten.

Not that they were not happy for their friend but none of them believed Kennedy had not laid a finger on her seeing what he did when she corrected him in front of them, what would he actually do to her when no one was around. Ese was the baby amongst them all, she was the one that cried for commercials and cooed at babies, she was also the one that always united Deola and Ada whenever they were fighting, she was either crying to one of them or throwing a fit for them to reconcile. They were very protective of her, so their fear was that they could not protect her from anything Kennedy decided to do to her in marriage, except she asked for their help which was a rare case.

“The date has not been fixed yet, so we still have some time” Ada said before digging into the nylon to retrieve the packs of food and placing them on the counter.

“I guess so” Deola said just as her phone rang.

“Hello, Deola speaking, who? Oh hi, hope you didn’t run late for your meeting… That’s good… oh really?…… Erhmmm, sure! When?… Wait hold on let me get back to you on that but I should be free… uh-huh, ahahahahah, no it’s not that just have to be sure I will be free, ok then have a great day, please let your mechanic call me concerning the cost of the repair soon as he’s done ok? Alright take care“ she dropped her phone on the counter and reached for the fridge.

Clears throat “so remember I told you guys about the little accident while going to Mega chicken?”

“yh the one that freaked us all” kerri supplied

“you mean the one that freaked you” Ada corrected loading a forkful of salad into her mouth “what about it, you said it was minor” she continued with a full mouth

“of course it’s minor, nothing that couldn’t be fixed” she said this facing Keri “well the owner of the car just kinda sorta asked me out on a date” she said smiling

“now now? You haven’t even spent up to two hours here” Ada said sounding surprised, “ is he fine?” she asked in a suspicious tone

“ahahahahahahaahahahah, Ada stop abeg, before this food enters the wrong place” keri said in between her laugh

“of course he’s fine, someone that I was even scoping his ass, dude was checking me out as well” Deola replied in a smug way “ her grilled fish and porridge seating on the counter untouched as she remember his frame “he’s dark, looks like he goes to the gym cause his body looks good and his….”

“it’s ok,, abeg we don hear, we get the picture, he’s fine, hot blah blah blah, was just wondering” Ada cut in

“ somebody is jealous” Keri snickered as she got up from the dinning stool “ be nice Ada, not everyday we see Ms coldstone here blush over a guy, yes you were blushing “ she spoke before Deola could deny “ and while this is an exciting news, Ese said she is looking the wedding holding in September”

“hold on, September? That’s no time at all, wait a minute how do you know this?” Ada asked as she stopped, by now she and Keri had finished their food, leaving Deola to rush down her meal, Ada was washing the plastic take away packs and Kerri was leaning by the sink

“I asked her about the date while we were talking, wanted to know when it was, she gave no reason at all for the rush, look” she opened the chat with Ese and showed it to Ada and Deola

“is she Preggers?” Deola paused amidst attacking her fish then threw both her hands in the air “oh my gosh, she’s preggers!” she exclaimed, fish in her hand

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