Journey to Picture Perfect IV

“I thought the same thing too” Kerri added nodding“but why won’t she tell us, tell me” Ada said turning to them with her hands dripping foam

“yh Ada why didn’t she tell you” Deola smirked

“the issue here is one we are suspecting he hits her and two that she’s pregnant” Kerri cuts in before Ada could attack Deola “and this close date is not helping”

“do you think we should call her?” Deola asked

“and say what? I doubt she would tell us anything” Ada replied

“ but it’s worth a short” Deola said insisting

“ yh it’s not a bad idea” Kerri said, “ let me call her” she picked her phone and dialed placing the call on speaker, Deola hurriedly threw the remnants of her food in the trash and washed her hands to join the others at the counter again

“what’s up” was the voice from the other end

“girl I have you on speaker, Deola is here with me and we are talking about the preps for the wedding and….”

“babe wetin happen, who dey rush you?” Ada cut in and gave the two ladies a ‘wetin’ look then pull up a stool to sit

“well Kenny and I felt why wait, I mean it’s not like we are not going to end up together anyways” Ese laughed it off, but these ladies have been together for a while to know when something was up, and something was definitely wrong with Ese.

“sweetie you know if something is wrong you can talk to us right?, we are your girls and always here for you” Deola spoke and the rest nodded like Ese could see them.

There was a little pause at the other end

“girls there’s nothing wrong, I just can’t wait to start my happily ever after, Ada you can relate now abi?” Ese said sounding a bit shaky

“when are you getting back from your trip” Kerri asked, it became obvious to them that something was most definitely up

“ Saturday, I’m travelling to the village on Monday tho, need to make sure the house is in shape”

“let’s go out on Sunday then, after church?” Deola asked, the others nodded their heads once again simultaneously

“erhmmm…okkk” they all could hear the hesitation in her voice

“Essssseeee, sweeeettie….. is there something you’re not telling us?” Kerri prodded

“I’m just tired that’s all” was the strained reply

“ok see you in a couple of days then”

“yh, bye” and the connection was cut

“she is so preggers!” Ada stated in a piped up voice, Kerri sighed, Deola rolled her eyes and picked up her phone.


After having a long day, Deola walked into the elevator going to her flat, she sighed as it went up to her floor, removed her shoes and leaned back, she walked in barefoot as she made her way into her apartment, flung her shoes and bags on one of the closest seatee and collapsed into bean bag, mentally applauding herself for thinking up that idea of bean bag. She closed her eyes and wiggled into the bean bag for comfort, she unbuttoned her trousers and spread her legs for absolute freedom, then laughed quietly when she imagined the position she was in, who would imagine a whole Deola Badamosi spreading her legs with trousers zipped down, who cares, I’m at home and alone!

She remembered when she had decided to move into her own house, her mum had first gotten angry, shouted used people and finally pleaded for her not to move, People will see you as an irresponsible girl, how can your parents be in the same city as you and you want to move into another house, and you’re not married! Which man will want to marry you ehn?!. But her mum finally let her got when she saw there was no changing of her mind.

Her phone rang.

She woke up from her sleep, and looked at the phone screen, it was her mum, she sighed

“Mummy good evening” she answered adding extra dose of sleepy voice

“ehen evening, I was calling you in the afternoon and you cut it, very soon too when you call me I will cut your call” Typical Deola thought and rolled her eyes, her mum has always had a flair for drama

“sorry mum, that time you were calling me, I had hit someone so I couldn’t pick” she said massaging her forehead

“hit?! Ahhh! Where, ah I warned you oh when you were insisting on moving away, I told you” her mum said in her usual manner

“mum staying alone has nothing to do with having a car accident” she countered

 “ how will you know? Ehn? Anyways are you ok? Were you hurt?”

“no ma, just the car and the other person’s car but I have sorted it out, anyways hope nothing?”

“ok, no nothing, is just that Mama Chuks said I should invite you for her daughter’s wedding and I told her to bring one asoebi for you”

“ahn ahn, mummy just like that? But I don’t know her daughter like that nah” she sat up

“ehen? The woman invite me and my family and I am sending you own asoebi, besides you know Chinwe, she follows her mum sometimes to church”

Deola knew her mum understood what she was saying, but decided to let it slide

“ok mum, when is it?” she said while rubbing her forehead

“it’s the second Saturday next month”

“ah mummy I don’t know oh, but I will see, Ese is getting married so we are planning it together”

“ Ese? Ah oluwa oshey oh, By the grace of God it will soon be your turn and that day ehn I will dance and dance and dance!”

“Mum please I literally just got home, I have not even pulled off my clothes, can I call you back when I settle down?

“hmmm that one is your own, anyways I will send Seun to bring the clothes to your house on Sunday after church?”

“ok Mum, oh wait! I wont be around on Sunday , I will come and collect it on Saturday” she said as she struggled to stand up

“ no problem, if I don’t see you sha, Seun will drop it in your office on his way to work ok?”

“ok mum, Goodnight”

“goodnight” she cut the call and threw the phone on the couch, by the time she got to her bedroom she had stripped to her underwear, she threw the last piece on the bed and made her way to the shower.


Twenty minutes later she was cozied up in her seatee, chewing dried mango and watching the latest episode of Husbands of Lagos, where Akin’s mum entered his room while he was glorifying his wife, she burst out laughter when her phone vibrated from under her, she lifted her bum a bit and used her hands to blindly search for it till she got it and relaxed back, she looked at the TV again, advert break, good. She looked at her phone Six missed calls and two text messages, one was from etisalat, she didn’t bother to open it, the other was from a strange number and she opened it, it read

Hi Deola, how was your day, was calling to confirm our date. I really want to know more about you. 😊 Cheers.

She wrinkled her forehead in confusion, who could this be?

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