Dos of relating with your partner 

Being in a serious relationship is not just about meeting a guy or a girl and boom! you start a relationship, after starting the relationship, there are somethings that we should be able to look out for in our partners to know where the relationship is heading to, it should be able to also give you an idea of if your partner has the same goal as yours in regards to your relationship. Bur the greatest advice I have gotten so far is to be the best you can be in your relationship to your partner and enjoy the rest of the show, so I’ll list out some of the things I noticed people in healthy good relationships do and you tell me what you think.

  1. Be ready for a relationship. Be matured. 
  2. Be considerate. Don’t think of yourself alone. Gone are the days it was just you, now it’s you plus someone else.
  3. Don’t talk about your ex. Never! He/she does not count in your relationship. If they do, you guys would still be together.
  4. Learn from your past relationship. Try not to repeat the same mistakes made in the previous one.
  5. If you’re not married don’t indulge in sex! There’ll be lots of time for that, now is the time to know each other, really know each other!
  6. Pause for a bit while talking to your partner and reflect on what you’re talking about, does it give you more insight to the their view and personality.
  7. If you want a successful relationship, read and ask questions, trust me there are lots of things you don’t know 
  8. Don’t let gossip affect how you relate with your partner.
  9. Every relationship is unique, coin yours into what you desire.
  10. Never compare, it’s tempting yes, but don’t!
  11. Social media is there to hear your gist, don’t give them that chance.
  12. Not every friend likes your partner, just so you know. Don’t go telling friends about your partner.
  13. I repeat do not rat on your man/girl.
  14. Know your partners’ friends, it gives you an incline into the mindset of people they are surrounded by.
  15. Have your own thing you do. Don’t rely on your partner fun, imagine having the burden of been in charge of someone’s happiness, don’t know about you but I would be scare and get tired almost immediately.
  16. Intelligence is sexy. Don’t be the daft partner.
  17. Nothing wrong with been a trophy partner, be a smart trophy though.
  18. You know those partners that whine and nag? Yh don’t be one!
  19. Don’t compromise with hopes of marriage, there’s a slim chance of it working. Compromise because you love the person. 
  20. Have lots of fun. You’ll  get married and have kids and You’ll  get old someday. 
  21. Don’t neglect you friends while in a relationship. Who else will help you with the lastest gossips. 
  22. Don’t be stupid, but be wise to be able to discrepancy the truth
  23. There are better ways of handling issues than threats or silent treatment. 
  24. Respect is very important. Respect yourself, respect you partner, respect your relationship.

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