Protect your Packaging! 

This is a very short article because it was a spur of the moment kinda write-up. But it still make sense, so please read and apply to your everyday character. Thanks.  

So you know how back in the day in school where girls used to hoard the source or should I say secret of their appearance?  Let me make it clearer, say you see a girl wear this lovely top and even though you can swear you would find that same stuff in Lagos island market,  when you ask her where she got it she goes “uhm you know,  it’s like,  I mean” and then she laughs the question away?  Some might even be straight enough to tell you “sorry I cant tell you” and you wonder erhmmm what’s the big deal? Well so I used to think that was just a childish thing until it happened almost recently. 

A close friend who I could even refer to as sister wore this sets of lovely locally made clothes and boy did they look good!  And naturally being me and how much I loved good things and how I also love local atires gushed to her and told her how lovely the clothes were and how I wanted her to give me the tailors number. My dear friend boldly stated that she couldn’t give me the number that I have to go through her to access the tailor!  I was wowed!  I was astounded!  I was shook!  At first I thought it was just a joke but she insisted all the way, nope she is not giving me the number,  If I need to get in touch I’ll have to send the materials through her,  as you would assume I didn’t bother,  after all tailor never finish for Nigeria! Abi! 

But it really got me thinking, why somethings are so unnecessary, why are we using our own hand to spoil entrepreneurship,  what is wrong if that tailor becomes the next Deola Sagoe due to refferals? Won’t you be happy to be a pioneer to her success?  And it’s not just this tailor issues it affects our entire life,  why hoard someone else’s gift that will bless them. This also goes into our character, yes humans are selfish in nature and think of self first,  but at some point it begins to make the individual loose character. 

Many of us are guilty of this, including I, it’s easier to point fingers and say oh that person did bad bad bad,  it’s also good to have an introspective look at oneself. Have you ever indirectly discouraged someone by saying “oh the money is too much oh but if you must then OK! ” what did you think you were doing there?  Or have you ever given someone a wrong information just to confuse or kill their interest?  What is that called?  This is no longer about being selfish but unconsciously closing a success door to talent, because now talent is locked to just one greedy soul that is by all means trying to protect his or her packaging!.  

Are you a packaging protector? Please help us and talent to change for the better. Thank you! 


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