Dear diary: self service happiness

So this week has been really rough. I registered for a certificate course because you know they say one should always improve on themself. So yh I took the plunge and I registered,which i should add took quite a lot on my salary. Then it started happening, first it was the fact that i had to pay another cash for lesson fee which was almost the same as the registration fee. While trying to figure out how to get that, My iPad decided to stop working, as you can imagine I was already panicking, keep in mind its the beginning of the month, and I have spent all my cash already, but I decided to faze that out, think on the positive things Daniella! I kept telling myself.

Then my phone refused to come on, by now I’m thinking certainly one can not have such gadgets failure all under one week right? Well that was me , so I took money out of my savings, got a new phone because I have to admit I am one of those people who can’t stay off their phone. And I also got some cash around and paid for my lesson. On my way back to the office I thought about all that had happened to me while listening to the songs playing on my new phone. 

Then it hit me, I wasn’t fidgeting, I wasn’t sad or worried like I would have been, I was humming to the song. Practically dancing on my seat. I felt happy, for the first time i could remember I wasn’t thinking of how I had just spent money. I was actually not sad at all. I had embraced my new situation and accepted it all and also figured out a way to survive it.

I thought to share this because of the recent trend of what’s happening in Nigeria especially Lagos, it’s so easy to loose ones self to sadness and begin to get angry and snappy. But instead on relying on what went wrong, try to focus on what is going on right. I bet not everything is going wrong and if most is then try to find happiness in knowing you are not the only one going through difficulties. There is this saying that if you heard about other people’s burden, you’d be glad about your issues. Keep a happy face knowing things could only get better from here on. 

I hope this uplifts someone. Please follow, share, like and comment. 


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