The law of diminishing return

Ladies this for us!

There comes a time where it’s like the eyes of the whole men in the society suddenly pops wide open. Like you start getting way too much compliment for your health. At your workplace your male colleagues are spending extra time on your desk talking God knows what, your clients are asking to take you on dates and fly you to some of your fancy dream destination, your male friends are now flirting with you like never before, you go to the mall and some random guy offers to pay for your purchases, and girl you are just plain shining? Am I speaking ladies cause I know this is happening to my friends.

You sleep late cause you’re chatting with one guy today and chatting with another tomorrow, you wake up to so many messages that just makes your heart melt, you just wanna sleep on it and find yourself in that lovely dream. So many guys washing your head and you’re allowing it and even enjoying it. 

Wake up girl! Haven’t you heard of the law of diminishing return? You know… in economics we learnt that in a product life there are stages. The introduction stage where the product is being introduced to the market. Then the rush stage comes, here the product is the talk of the town, everyone is rushing it, now is the time for the producers to increase their price on the product because people are going to rush it. And it does not matter how much it is, people are just gonna buy it and struggle, do whatever to get the product in their hands. And then the declining stage, where the demand for that product is reducing, probably because there is a new generation on that product or a better product with more benefits, but now the producers are now looking for ways to still keep that product in the market, at least to stay afloat. And then the death stage, this is where the demand for the product actually becomes radically reduced and next to none actually. 

So now you know the stages, now you know what stage you’re in. The stage where  you are rushed, where guys are always on your case. Listen ladies don’t let it get to you! Do not be carried away! Now is the time you should find yourself a good man, these men chasing you now will loose interest because not all good them have pure intentions. They just want to bag you, have you and be satisfied with the fact that they have had you. But the good thing is some of the men seeking your attention right now have pure intentions. You just have to seek them out and get to mingling! 

Get you a good man before it gets to your declining  stage. Don’t  strut like a peacock, you’re not! I’m not saying don’t have fun. By all means girlfriend do your thang! Go out for dates, see the world with who wants to sponsor  (some of this trips come with conditions though) basically have fun girl! But please   have sense! Do not be that fresh window flower that is never taken home, it will only become wilted and then discarded. 

Now I’m not saying quickly grab the most convenient guy who breathes down on you and marry him. I’m saying be discerning, some guys can be deceptively sweet, cute whatever so use your intuitions.  We dont want to get with someone only to start regretting years down the  line, so now that the demand for you is high, sister use it to your advantage, look for the guy that you would fight with but you can’t do with out. Now I’m not talking love I’m talking tolerance because in the long run stuff will happen and  the only thing  that should keep you with the guy should be what made you settle with him in the  first place.

So now we know how it works. We have seen many ladies make mistakes like this and hopefully we don’t make mistakes like that too. Let’s be wise and shine!

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment and please share and follow the blog. Thanks!


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