Journey to picture perfect VI

The day was lovely, he had picked her up at exactly six o clock, he had complimented her   on her  gown, the shopping she had earlier gone on had come in handy as she wore her new loubs and her gown which was a simple black dress, a classy  yet edgy look. When she stepped out of her apartment, she was pretty sure everything she had said to the gateman had gone into deaf ears as he looked at her without hiding his admiration, all he kept saying was “chai! Aunty you too fine! Maka chukwu’m nilé. She felt good and pleased with herself, her inner self patted her on the back and told her Weldone! Her date seemed to be pleased as well, because he wore a huge smile on his face. Their   ride to festival road was peaceful yet charged, they listened to Asa’s album on their way to the restaurant.

Traffic wasn’t heavy as they got there thirty minutes later. He pulled out the chair for her to seat, her inner self raised a brow in surprise ‘hmmm girl he is pulling out a chair for you, How charming!’ She smiled gracefully and sat down setting both her phones on the table, Then decided against it by putting them in her bag, he must have noticed because he in turn switched off his phones and put them in his jacket pocket. She noticed because he was not looking at her but she was watching him and admiring  what she saw. Her inner self told her ‘ain’t you lucky you  had hit him now?’ She smiled and asked about the car, he told her the mechanic was handling it. She wanted to apologise  again but let it slide. He asked about Ada and she replied that Ada was fine but quickly asked how he know of Ada, he reminded her that it was Ada that was calling her non-stop the day they had  hit each other. She ooohhhhed and laughed about it.

The waiter as if on cue came in to take their order, she made her order and he asked for the same, he made a joke about how it was wise to order the same as the woman so she  doesn’t take out of his  food, she laughed and said “you’d be surprised”. 

They spoke about their work”now I understand why your name has  been ringing in my head” he  exclaimed in admiration ” you are the one responsible for that new tea spot in lekki, I have seen your work!” he gave a surprise laugh “do you know I have always wanted to meet the person behind the work, now you’re here”

“Small world ” she said

Yes indeed he replied 

She remembered how she had hounded Ada’s husband for the project managers number, and how she had  followed up on it to  impress. Of course  now she  didn’t have to hound anyone because her work spoke for her.

They discussed about  his work line, she  found out he bought houses remodelled them to his taste and sold  them off again.

They spoke about their spirituality, she noticed that despite the high fly person he portrayed himself to be, he  was a man who loved God. He told her that attended a small fellowship where they talk about undiluted word of God and  promised to take her  along whenever she was interested. 

As he spoke she wondered if   he was the  one, because he was checking all her qualities in her mental list of a good man. Her inner self did a double split and wove her pumpums in the air dancing.

By the time they were done with their food, it was like they had known each other for ever. He had an easy laugh about him and he complimented her on her smile. She found out he was the only child of his parents and they were no longer living in the country. When he spoke of his dad she could tell his dad was his role model and his mum he said was his propelling force to succeed.

They left the restaurant in high spirits and he drove her back to the house. How could she describe how she felt better than elated. On their way to her house, she checked her phone, 12 missed calls, two from her mum, three from her brother, one each from Ese, Kerri and Ada and the rest from unknown callers. She called her brother back

“Hey what’s up, I missed  your call”

“Yo sis, I just left your house, mum gave me some material to give you and I called you several times ”

She could feel the mild frustration in his voice

“I’m sorry, but I thought I told mum I’ll come get it instead? Anyways I’m sorry have you gone far?”

“Yhup and no I can’t turn back, butI’ll find a way to get it to you somehow, what’s it about sef ”

” our neighbours daughter getting married and she insists I come too, that I’ll find a man there, seriously bro you need to wife your girl so mum will get off my back, at least for a while”

“Ahahah that is not happening  anytime soon”

“Anyhow sha I will get it from you, got to go, bye ” 

sorry that was my brother, she said 

Hmmm I figured, 

She noticed they were getting closer to her gate. 

I really had fun this evening and it was nice hanging out with you. 

Same here, that would mean you don’t mind if we do this again? Soon if I dare? He smiled as he spoke softly 

She smiled shyly and nodded, yes soon would be nice. 

He  stopped at her gate

Both said nothing 

So I’ll.. .. 

I guess we’ll…..

They laughed, because they had spoken the same time

You were gonna say? She encouraged him to go first 

I was gonna say I will call you later this evening

Oh yh sure, sure, I will be expecting  your call then 

She opened the door and got out

Drive safe, she said while waving 

She smiled and turned to knock at her gate

Dear Lord, I like this one, please let him be the one. She  gave a silent prayer and entered the compound as the gateman opened the gate for her.

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