Sparks of Respect!

Let me just start this post by apologising for being away for too long. Trust me it’s not by choice, been swamped with work. But still I’m sorry, and I accept your forgiveness. 

So the organisation I work for picked me to go for a three weeks training course and trust me I was very delighted, chance to leave the office environment, meet sixty-nine more people and my all time favorite free food!!!  Count me in!  So I started the training, first day of training and I sat close to a cool guy (let’s call him Hanks)  and Hanks and I clicked immediately and we passed notes and gossiped while lecture was going on. 

An hour into the class I noticed this guy (call him Tobi)  looking very bored and irritated and feeling like that was the last place he wanted to be and I picked interest in him. Fast forward to today, a few days to the end of the class I was being a trouble maker as usual and I look up and see Tobi looking down at me, you can imagine what’s running through my head because for the past eleven days I have been trying to get this guy to say a word other than ‘good morning’ and ‘hi’ to me. So I play it cool and we get talking…..

For some reason we delve into the Topic of relationships and Tobi says “I don’t believe in love at first sight,  matter of fact I don’t believe in love” what?!  Now my eyes are wide and my mouth is struggling from repeating wow several times.  In my head I’m wondering what is wrong with you, why would you say such a thing!  This is a world that it’s only real hope is love.  Love makes a man a better man. When a man loves a woman he can do her no wrong,  right?  At least that’s what Percy Sledge said. So anyways I asked why he felt so, and he simply said he believes in respect and not love, he does right by whoever he is committed to because he respects the lady,not love her,  and believes respecting her is doing everything that would make her happy. Wow! 

So I guess my long epistle is to talk about the idea of what love should be. Is love separate from respect in a relationship?  Can you love someone and eliminate respect completely?  Can you respect someone and not love them?  It’s all confusing because different people have opinions on matters of the heart. 

But this is my opinion and this is what I told Tobi, Respect is love.  You can’t tear away respect from a relationship with someone you love and loves you back. When you love someone, automatically you want to respect the person, you make decisions based on how you want that person to see you,  you don’t want that person to loose respect for you,  so you behave things you would normally do in your single days you ignore or abolish because of that respect you have for that person. 

Look at it this way,  you see a lady walk into a room and that instant you access her and deep inside you feel your respect for her increase,  you want to get closer to her and work up a way to make her yours.  So what happened people say is called love at first sight or sparks of love, I call it sparks of respect, now imagine if she had instantly done something you so detest immediately your respect for her reduced and the appetite for you to even gett up to ask for her number seems next to zero. Got that image? Yhup, can you see it all starts with respect? 

You can’t love a man you don’t respect  him try as you may,  same as when you love your man you want to respect him. If you love your woman cheating on her would be the very least of your itinerary because when it comes to relationship you know you have someone you want to respect and who you want to respect you back, so you won’t want to do something as baseless and unnecessary as frolicking with another lady. Same as if you respect your man you wouldn’t put him in a funny financial situation knowing fully well he won’t be able to afford it. 

Love and respect are intertwined and you honestly can’t do one without doing the other one. They are not the same but they walk hand in hand.

So guys drop your comments on your take on this topic.  Thank you for reading, following and subscribing please share with friends and family.  

Thank you! 

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