My 2018 bucket list

Hello my lovers. It’s been a minute. I have been practicing the adult life and it’s pretty hard to juggle I must say.

We are one day close to the end of 2017 and I must say I am so excited to start a new year,  I don’t know about you but this year has been pretty tiring, you think you’re over and dusted with labour and  time to enjoy and bam!  you have to do it again. But thank God we are still standing. 

Let’s talk about bucket lists, it’s not the perverted list we all hurriedly pull out when asked about, it’s the real deal yo!  It’s the things we intend to achieve to take us some steps closer to our big picture. Don’t roll your eyes now thinking its going to be boring. Because it’s not. Trust me. I’ll list some of mine below. 

  1. Get myself a laptop: I have relaxed so much that I lost all interest in anything outside my world. But recently I noticed that there is so much a phone can do or encourage you to do. I intend to use my future Laptop to surf the world till I can physically visit them myself.  I also intend to  use it to write my heart out. I intend to use it to hone my artsy skill. And lastly watch movies… Go figure! 
  2. Become a certified Human resources Manager: Although this involves reading and excelling in my exams, I intend to get on with it with the help of my reading buddies. This certificate would be an addition to what I need to make the big bucks you know!  
  3. Learn a new skill : A wise lady told me not to rely on my proffessional skills only but to get a side skill. I intend to have a fall back plan. 
  4. Participate in a race marathon: Not sure I’ll come close to the first 15 but at least I was there.
  5. Take up a Pole dancing class: This is definitely part of my dream of being the foxy little thang. I love to dance and dancing for my bae has always been my dream. 
  6. Learn Spanish: It might come in handy if I manage to bag an Italian bae,  but if not I’ll just use it to flaunt, because it’s an added bonus in and out of the workplace.
  7. Take up a swimming class: I have always seen myself in the later years looking snatched, and fit. 
  8. Have a YouTube channel: I have always wanted it but have not got the courage. Fingers crossed for next year. 
  9. Go to exotic restaurants: I’m normally an eatery kind of person, but there’s something grown up about dressing fancy and having a side table at a fancy restaurant and eating exquisite cuisine. 
  10. Skinny Deep at Atican beach: Now this has nothing to do with my bigger picture but it would be a secret pleasure knowing in my lifetime I stood in an open air with my birthday suit shining in the night. 

These are not resolutions, these are things I intend to achieve in 2018. My bucket list, and as I tick them off the list I’ll tell you how they went. Share your bucket list with me on Let’s be hopeful together. 

See you all next year,  love you guys! *Kisses* 


5 thoughts on “My 2018 bucket list

  1. I love your #10 and would love to be at the beach with you but nay to skinny deep for me, just a stare at your boldness.

    I pray your list comes through for you.

    See you crushing 2018


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