Before I start ,I don’t want anyone to come for me oh, I am just saying it as it is, so please free  me.

Great! Lets start shall we?

Lets talk about simi, the seemingly perfect and flawless being, when she walks, its like there are wingmen, lifting her shoulders high and she glides through, then when she gets to your seat, she puts on that ironey fake smile, and goes “good morning”and then moves on. how do I know it’s fake, because she doesn’t even wait for a reply! I mean come on! who does that. but then you shrug it off cause well, she’s simi, she’s the Beyoncé in here. pfft! yh right please, look I am the beyonce, I Am coded, yes and a coded chick is what beyonce is, so abeg forget that side.

Seems I have been rambling about her too much yes? and you would not even guess that we are some what friends, “some what” because we are cool and we go places together and take pictures and post about each other on SM (social media) and tag BFF slash Slay on girl! but that doesn’t mean if she was supposedly drowning I wouldn’t carefully remove my weave, and whatever before helping her. And No I am not evil, but I just know this babe is fake! very fake and very nasty plus I know she would do the same for me. its just a gut feeling.

Simi is on the slim, tall side and I on the other hand I am on the petite, and moderately shaped side. And I am dark skinned, and yh my colour be popping and stuff, while Simi is light skinned and a size 2 waist, no I am not exaggerating she literally has not waist, she looks like she is from the eastern part of this world but she’s from the south and same goes for me I look southern but I am from the Eastern. We are hot in our own sense but i’d like to believe I am hotter.

Anyways, lets get to the reason I am talking about Simi in the first place.

I don’t have a boyfriend, Blame it on my dear frenemy Simi who is dating the only person I ever really cared or fancied, Stanley. But I do have a guy that totally likes me and he fits the profile of what I would want, if on I didn’t see Stanley first, But get this, I saw Simi press in to kiss him the night we all went to HardRock Café, he resisted but then I saw the evil glint in her eyes. That girl! What would she see in this guy that her boyfriend doesn’t have. I kept my cool because I wasn’t into the guy but if she would do that, knowing fully well the guy likes me then hello! evil much?

Now to the real issue, enough of the rambling, Simi just called me saying she and Stanley broke up, little does she know that Stanley called me last night saying he was done with her. He wasn’t torn up about it but he asked that we hang out, which we did and just before I left his place he asked that we ‘do this again ‘in his own words “I never knew you would be this fun to be with”. Now I am not the man snatching kind of girl, even though the guy was and is still my eye candy, I would really like to know what it feels like to date Stanley Odili, To be the girl in his life. But I don’t know………




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