Avocado pear

Hey hey, Today lets get to know more about avocado pear.

This is one of my favourite fruits, it’s pear! what’s not to love anyways, for one it has about 80-100 calories so depending on how many calories you need to take in daily, I take two when I can. 

People use to just wash it and eat it, but curious healthy eaters went out of their way to make a thing or two out of avocado and now you can eat it in different ways. I’m going to list some out, and you can decide to experiment on them.

Avocado is now famously used for smoothies.

Blended avocado pear and milk with cocoa, please please try this when you’re alone, because you might not want to share, I’m telling you!. Plus it is very healthy. I just might write on nutritional value of cocoa someday plus milk is life for any age!

I’m sure we all know avocado as bread spread.

Avocado as salad dressing, well when I dress my salad with avocado, I find out the avocado is gone and I have just the veggies left! But it still makes a pretty sight when I’m taking pictures for my IG album!

Try this. Warm up some fresh milk in a pot, mash up your avocado, stir together, put cream and cheese, put a pinch of salt and black pepper (the one that isn’t peppery). You could eat this with your mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, or chicken.

Also note that avocado can be a healthy substitute for foods that are excessively rich in saturated fat and added sugar. 

Bonus is we lady can mash it up, add milk and a bit of honey and turn it into a face mask!