Journey to picture perfect III

“Way” her dramatic friend emphasized as she took out plates from the drawer“But why, wasn’t it just last week she said she wasn’t feeling it anymore, abi am I getting something wrong?” “I was there nah, but her excuse was he was acting strange and she was just building up a defense mechanism just in [...]


Dear Diary- Dirty talking

So if I didn’t tell you I met a guy a couple months back, too ashamed to say where cause I refuse to categorize myself as one of those people who get to meet people that way, it’s not a bad way to meet someone but I’d rather not join the new rave. So anyways [...]

That thing about Fitness

Eight times out of ten when I hear people talk about fitness, they paint a picture of a skinny or slim person, it's never someone who is on the big side. So it got me thinking maybe some people haven't gotten it yet, maybe people still believe if you eat less and go on some [...]