Eating healthy- Cabbage

So I started this new thing where I’m switching up my food for healthy things…and my new flavour of the month or should I say recently is Cabbage! Yup so instead of rice I take cabbage.

There’s fried cabbage, there is cabbage and sauce, cabbage and stew. And the prepping method is so simple and it takes less time. Just shred your cabbage into tiny bits, put it on fire for like two minutes to sort of dry out the water and make it crunchy, and then eat with your sauce or stew. If you want to turn it into a fried cabbage just prep it the way you would your fried rice only with shorter time and viola! You have your healthy meal! And it’s even more fun cause cabbage has its own taste which is good. It will fill you up and you won’t have to feel bad because it’s low calorie and healthy. 

And you have a win-win situation.

You’re welcome 😊