The dream eater Vs You

I had an amazing dream last night. I dreamt I was given a gift card with unlimited cash in it to go shopping with. In that dream I went to a major makeup store and went all out. The concealers of different shades stood in line like humans as I made my pick, the lipsticks [...]


Dear diary- The List

Dear Diary,         I just got a job in a reputable company, they now call me a big girl. They don't understand that it's just the name of the company that's selling me for now. I am far from the big girl status. But diary the thing on my mind in recent times [...]

All trends Marraige worth

Marriage is a complicated thing isn't it? I mean you hear the good and see the horrible things about marraige and wonder, is this really really worth the headache. And this people that have managed to find each other and happily stay with each other for so long, how did they do it? What I [...]

That thing about Fitness

Eight times out of ten when I hear people talk about fitness, they paint a picture of a skinny or slim person, it's never someone who is on the big side. So it got me thinking maybe some people haven't gotten it yet, maybe people still believe if you eat less and go on some [...]

Escaping Insanity

I don't know if it's the recession going on in the country or if it's just that people have gotten more frustrated with their lives, but all I know is people are no longer happy, too many angry people moving around. It's like the country is spiraling downwards and the people are fighting and fighting [...]

The other woman

Hey guys I know it's been a while I published, I'm sorry. Blame it on lack of inspiration. But I'm back and I just want to write from a personal angle today. Being the other woman.  Yah.... Basically been the other woman in this case means being with a married man, not someone in a [...]